Established in 1989, the center at Cahaba Consumer Affairs offers a variety of activities including games, cards, exercise, movies, writing, reading, computer classes and meals. Perhaps the best part of our facility are the friends that meet here.


At the drop-in center, we are here to help those coping with mental illness and depression. Recovery and hope for a new beginning starts right here. Drop in to see us today! We have something to interest everyone.


Please note: Transportation is not provided; every consumer is responsible for their own transportation to and from the center.

A consumer-run drop-in center, an autonomous freestanding facility where consumers voluntarily visit for socialization, fellowship, and peer support. A consumer-run drop-in center is planned, developed, and governed by an independent incorporated board of directors and consumers according to their expressed desires and needs. A drop-in center is a non-clinical program independent of professionally run treatment programs. Drop-in centers are not meant to replace traditional programs but rather supplement those programs by providing peer support and opportunities for fellowship and socialization.
No traditional mental health treatment or clinical services are to be provided at a consumer-run drop-in center.